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Brochetelli Daniele, Modern Sculpture, Marble, Contemporaryart, Modern Art


Born in Sarzana in 1984, he began his artistic career through street-art, combining his passion for color with the study of scientific subjects in the T.Parentucelli high school of Sarzana, his passion for the plastic arts and painting was refined in two workshops 'art, the first in Marina di Carrara with painter Nino Veronica, with whom he refined the impressionistic techniques and the first theories of color, in a second time in the laboratories as an apprentice and in the Sarzanese workshop of ancient painting of the painter Piero Colombani with which, in the meantime, after completing his scientific studies, devoted himself fully to the study of art by enrolling at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence, after completing his first academic year, he moved his residence to Bocca di Magra. in his native home and his studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara, in 2008 he continued his pictorial studies with s tudio of the techniques of the marble in the technical institute of the marble P.Tacca and in the art studies carrarini.



The passion for art leads to new ways of experimentation, passing from the image on canvas to develop more and more three-dimensional shapes, sculpting first on clay, then on stone and finally on marble.



Years of continuous artistic experimentation lead his pictorial style to evolve and change continuously, nevertheless maintaining the predilection for the figurative genre, with anatomical and dreamlike details, against the background of surreal landscapes or complex architectures.



The passion for sculpture leads the artist to conceive three-dimensional art even as a pure design object; in fact, it develops an elegant and characteristic style through the mixture of traditional sculptural techniques combined with industrial and contemporary elements.



The passion for art brings several years ago the multifaceted artist to the movement of street art, leading him to create numerous and original pieces, originally signed with the name "Reo", then modified in "Eolo", later "Exa", and finally simply signed "IO".

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Via Fabbricotti 228
Bocca Di Magra [Ameglia]
La Spezia


+39 347.188.6513